Speed was established in 2000 in the beginning of the era of the internet and game clubs.

Since its establishment, the company supports and provides network solutions for telecom corporations, internet and cable providers. We have immense experience in design, construction, installation and support of data and communication networks, data centre infrastructures, cable planning and more.

In its early times, the company also created more than 10 internet and game clubs with over 700 computers, building a community with people interested in technology, and becoming an accelerator for their future growth and careers in IT.

In 2016, the company launched an in-house software department so it can offer a suite of Software and Network solutions. This is the youngest and most innovative department in the company. It focuses on design, architecture, implementation, integration and support of software business solutions. We strive to use the latest technologies to deliver high quality services and constantly improve our best practices and methodologies.

Since our establishment, it has been a pleasure and honor to participate in placement and school programs. We continue to be an accelerator and driver for the development of young talent in the sector.

Currently, we have the following available roles: